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Avail Physical Therapy is one of Chico's most progressive, privately owned physical therapy practices. We use the most advanced healing techniques available to produce results that enrich the lives of each of our patients. To achieve this goal, we create an open, honest and caring environment where our staff and patients can work together to overcome obstacles and achieve the highest levels of both physical function and personal growth.

The highly trained staff at Avail Physical Therapy believes that individually designed treatment and exercise programs should be based on an in-depth evaluation of the patient. Our advanced, hands-on manual therapy techniques lead to maximum rehabilitation and restoration of function, as well as prevention of future injury.


a·vail (uh-veyl): verb; to be of use or value to; advantage: to be of use; have force or efficiency; serve; help; to be of value or profit: noun; advantage; effective use in the achievement of a goal or objective.



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